About Our Bar

This bar has been the dream of its owners for many many years! It started as most
great dreams do with a rough sketch and some notes on a bar napkin in a run down
tavern in Bora Bora, actually it was a well kept pub in Mandeville LA, but details
get fuzzy sometimes.

Who we are:

Thorin Guidry:
Greg Roussy:
Ray Hummel:

We want to provide the good folks of Metairie, New Orleans, The
Northshore etc. with a relaxing, fun atomosphere to unwind and let their
hair down...or whatever feels natural, we won't judge you for getting a bit
crazy if you want!

Just bring a good attitude, a thirst for adventure and good times, and
some money of course, and we'll provide you a place to take life a little
slower...take it at 3/4 time!
About Us
3 Quarter Time®
"Don't Hurry...Be Happy"®